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Who are we?

Why, we're Onyx Computers of course! A company founded in 2020 by gamers, for gamers.

It's been a tough 2 years for us PC builders due to the COVID pandemic practically decimating the PC component market for nearly 2 years, but we got through it, and we are so excited to get back to doing what we do best.


We at Onyx Computers have built hundreds of PCs over the years, and as a result we have over 30 years of combined knowledge when it comes to building, troubleshooting, and most importantly, playing games on PC.

If you come up against any issues when building your PC, you can rest assured that we have probably been in exactly the same position, and more often than not the issue is caused by incompatible components.

Which brings us to our Modus Operandi, the whole reason Onyx Computers exists, is to help you take the uncertainty and wasted time out of building PCs, because let's face it, that's half the fun!

Onyx Computers is not just an online Store front, we also encourage our customers to use our friendly online Forums and FAQs to help them build their confidence, as well as their PC.  Or simply get in touch directly on the Contact Us page for a more relevant response to your issues.

So, what are you waiting for? Let's get building!

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